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Types of services


 ‘Real Protection’ law firm provides the following types of services:

  1. Oral and written consultation and explanations on legal issues;
  2. File a statement of claim, drafting of  application, complaint and other legal documents;
  3. Requests the necessary information by making lawyer inquiries; 
  4. Restores documents, receives archival references;
  5. Restores documents, receives archival references;
  6. Representation in court on behalf of  individuals and legal entities

  7. Civil cases: family disputes (divorce proceedings, division of property, establishment of paternity, determination of the child's place of residence, alimony, marriage contract, etc.)

Residential disputes (occupancy, eviction, loss of the right to housing, division of residential premises, determination of the order of use of residential premises)

disputes over the heritage (legal support of  custody of an inheritance, pre-trial settlement of disputes between heirs, division of inheritance between heirs, recognition of the heir as unworthy, contesting the will , etc.)

Labor disputes (reinstatement at work, recovery of salary arrears, representation of the employer's interests, cases arising from violations of labor protection requirements, etc.)

Administrative cases (cases involving violation of traffic rules, deprivation of a driver's license, reduction of the term of deprivation of a driver's license, etc.);

   8. Participations in the preliminary investigation and in the criminal court as representative of victim, defender, civil plaintiff, civil defendant.

 9.  Legal services for business activities:

10. Representation and protection interests of legal entities in economic court: