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About the Firm


The word "lawyer "has an ancient origin and in translation from Latin the verb, advoco "means" to call", "to invite". In ancient Rome, every citizen could independently defend himself or herself, or could invite for this purpose a representative, who called "advocatus".  Nowadays, the lawyer is an expert in law, consults on legal issues and interprets legislation. There is also a demand for the services of a lawyer to protect suspects, accused persons, defendants, or represent the interests on behalf of the plaintiff, defendant, or victim.

The assistance of a lawyer consist of not only participation in the court proceeding, but also in consulting citizens on various legal issues.  In complicated issues, a lawyer's correct advice will help you to resolve conflict with minimal losses or without losses. A person of this profession must have high moral and ethical qualities. Duty, honor and dignity are important to lawyer. Lawyers’ main goal is to protect people. Lawyers work remains just as dangerous, so courage, perseverance, and mental stability are irreplaceable in this profession.

In professional activity, the lawyer must have logical thinking, ability to analyze, perseverance, accuracy, attention to detail.  Participation in court proceeding requires to have good diction, oratorical skills, and the ability to logically and consistently prove opinion. There is a certain form of clothing for lawyers – a dress code.

The main duties of a lawyer is related to providing legal assistance in the form of consultations, advice on legal issues, explanations of legislation, drafting all kinds of legal documents (from a simple certificate up to a complex contract) to individuals and legal entities (institutions, organizations, etc.) The second range of duty is activity in court, where lawyer advocates on behalf of clients in resolving disputes.

It is also the duty of a lawyer to protect a certain group of people for free «Pro bono». In addition to the duties related to work, the lawyer must pay a considerable amount to the to the bar Association (entrance fee, monthly membership fee)

It is worth mentioning, that the law prohibits a lawyer from conducting business activities, working as a full-time specialist of an organization. Polling surveys profession of a lawyer as difficult, prestigious and profitable profession. However, the income of a novice lawyer is not so great. Young lawyer needs experience, especially won high-profile cases.

Graduates of law faculties are admitted to the Uzbekistan Chamber of Lawyers only after completing an internship of at least six months. The career of a young lawyer starts with the position of an assistant of lawyer.  Successful lawyers are in demand in law firms and legal consultations.  Each lawyer in Uzbekistan is a member of the Uzbekistan Chamber of Lawyers and can carry out their activities individually, opening their own law office, law firm with other lawyers (partners) or a bar Association on the basis of membership, or join one of these active  formations.

‘Real Protection’ Law firm was established on 12.04.2004 and has gained considerable experience.

Рисунок (130) лицензия новая Рисунок (18) (2) Сертификат Медиатор

For our Law firm’s employees, being a lawyer means not only theoretical knowledge of laws and precedents, but also significant experience in their application. For our lawyers protection of clients’ interest and legal assistance is a main business.

The ‘Real Protection’ law firm has established itself as a reliable and effective partner. Trusting principles, responsibility, individual approach are the basis of our work. Our main motto is "Winning requires preparation»

Our Team

Геннадий Нестеренко (29)

Управляющий партнер, адвокат,  профессиональный медиатор

Таштаева Наргиза Маликовна

1996 год - Ташкентский государственный      юридический институт, судебно-                      прокурорский факультет.

2004 год - основание адвокатской фирмы      «Real Protection».

Адвокатский стаж более 22 лет



Помощник адвоката

Асилова Нигора Дониёр кизи

2014 год- Ташкентский юридический колледж

2016 год- начало работы в адвокатской фирмы  «Real Protection». 




Умарова Мукаррама Шайдул кизи

2008 год - Ташкентский государственный      юридический институт.

2012 год - Нагойский университет (Япония)

2016 год - начало работы в  адвокатской фирме   «Real Protection».

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