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Useful information

Determination of paternity
Determination of paternity


There are 2 method of determination of paternity


  1. Joint application of the mother and the father, who recognizes himself as the father of the child, submitted to the civil registry office (for unmarried parents)
  2. Appeal to court


Establishment of paternity in court made according to the request of one of the parents or guardian, but also by request of the child himself upon reaching the legal age.


Establishing paternity, the court takes into account the cohabitation of the mother of the child and the defendant before the birth of the child or the joint upbringing or support of the child by them or other evidence.


The Child born from the woman after marriage or not later than the hundredth day after the marriage ceased in connection with the death of husband, divorce or annulment, is considered born in marriage.


The Child born from the woman not later than the three hundredth day after divorce, if the woman has already entered into a new marriage, is considered to be born in a new marriage.




Dissolution of the marriage by the court.


Each spouse may request the dissolution of the marriage by the court in the following cases: 

  • if the spouses have minor children 
  • if there is a dispute between the spouses regarding the payment of alimony to a disabled spouse in need or regarding the division of joint property, and either spouse may request the dissolution of the marriage by the court.
  • if there is a dispute about minor children
  • if one of the spouses does not agree to the dissolution of the marriage;
  • if one of the spouses avoids the dissolution of the marriage in the civil Registry office


The following documents are required for that purpose:


1) Statement of claim   

2) Certificate of marriage


3)  Certificate of birth 

4) Receipt for payment of the state fee and postal charges,   

5) Evidence supporting the claim  


In each divorce process, the evidence supporting the claim may be different, because the reasons for each divorcing couple are different. For example, if the couple has not lived together for a long time, then as evidence of this, he or she can submit to the court an act from neighbors confirming the separation of the spouses.

Child maintenance claim
Child maintenance claim

Which court to apply for alimony? 

Statement of claim for the recovery of alimony may  filed by the plaintiff to the civil court as at the place of residence of the defendant or plaintiff’s place of residence 

The following documents are required for that purpose:


  •  Statement of claim   
  •  Certificate of marriage
  •  Certificate of birth 
  •  Receipt for payment of the  postal charges
  •  Passport copy


The plaintiff in claim for the recovery of alimony is exempt from paying the state fee. 


If a parent avoids paying alimony, they may deprived of their parental rights. 

In addition, criminal liability provided for the evasion of alimony payments. Therefore, evasion of maintenance, that is, non-payment of more than 3 months is punishable by a fine or compulsory community service or correctional labor or restriction of liberty or imprisonment.